UFC 222 recap, Brian Stann, Bruce Connal memoriam | ANIK AND FLORIAN PODCAST EPISODE 146

00:09:15 Brian Stann 00:20:54 Ray Longo Minute 00:40:07 UFC Director Anthony Giordano

In Memory of Bruce Connal


  1. Connor McGregor took Max Holloway down at will. Connor McGregor was a white belt in Jiu Jitsu, so what do you think Brain Ortega does to Max Holloway? Ortega by finish.

  2. Duquesnoy is fighting next weekend, but with O'Malleys injury they could line up perfectly for the summer

  3. Anyone remember when Conor McGregor said he didnt like the fight postor for his lightweight belt and said hes going to execute the person who made it, thats the guy.
    Lol ???

  4. Honestly I enjoy it ever weekend and look forward to it. Not bitching about a week off but not happy about it either. I just think if the UFC wants more stars, learn how to promote more people. You are VERY good at promoting certain people. The UFC is getting good at hyping fights and stars up. Just need to do it on a bigger scale.

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