The NBA and PEDs: Why Has There Never Been A Scandal? | Luke Thomas

Why hasn’t the NBA ever had a performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) scandal? Individual players have occasionally been caught for various small infractions, but there’s never been a major BALCO-type scandal. How is that possible? Spencer Lund, a writer for Complex magazine, explored the topic. In his estimation, a big reason is the NBA’s players’ union, but are there other factors in play? In this interview from my radio show, we discuss the reasons.

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  1. From my understanding Westbrook did kinda get caught. It was not serious. It was more of a tainted supplement.

  2. "Athletes are like high performance vehicles, they need high performance fuel." – Ken Shamrock

  3. I also think that it's mainly because basketball is one of the few major sports where pure strength doesn't have tremendous value. Yes, it of course DOES have value, but compare it to other sports

    Football and MMA: Hit harder , physical one on one action

    Baseball: Hit the ball farther or throw the ball faster

    Basketball: somewhat valuable, but not incredibly important

    Strength sports: duh

    Pro Wrestling: look jacked

  4. NBA players are using PED's to be better at putting a ball in a hoop. Revenue is a large, shared pie and drug use may lead to revenue growth. Whereas, MMA fighters use PED's to be better at compromising the health of their opponent. Revenue is not shared, to the winner goes the spoils and PED scandals could severely decrease revenue. Huge differences.

  5. This guest is clueless and inarticulate. A blood test for hgh—ok, is that all they are testing for in the blood??? What about EPO? What about roids, or are they only testing for HGH in the blood? Are they doing urine tests? Blah, so frustrating listening to this guy had to shut it off after 5 minutes.

  6. 'Rigorous testing' this Lund chap is a fucking gonk if he thinks basketball is tested anywhere near thoroughly enough.

  7. Of course there's a bunch of them juiced up, but luckily there's a high skill gap that can't really be reduced with roids. No matter how many injections, you'll never shoot like Steph Curry. Granted, if you're already skilled, extra strength and speed can only make you better.

  8. who the hell can play 15 years without 1 injury AND play at the same pace every year,40+ minutes a game, AND GO TO THE FINALS mad years in a row! can someone explain!?

  9. performance, profit and marketability, these take priority over testing everytime…

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