The MMA Beat: Episode 185

On this week’s episode, the panel will discuss who Darren Till should fight in Liverpool, Frankie Edgar vs. Cub Swanson 2, the fascination with crossover fights, Francis Ngannou’s next bout and more.


  1. I'm surprised fighters are willing to fight in Brazil. They kill their own politicians left and right, i dont think they mind killing some american fighter.

  2. It's an excuse for having a five round fight. I get it, I am all for that. Glad the guys are gonna get paid. Doesn't change who the champ is. Main event or not, five round fights should exist apart from just title fights and main events. Discretion of course. In this situation, I like a five round fight. The interim belt means nothing but give me five rounds of these warriors. PS I don't really like Colby Covington.

  3. I'm not a fan of Covington but with him fighting in Brazil, I would like to see him beat RDA there. Just to see the heat, hurt and emotions of the Brazilians. lol ???
    Had he fought anywhere else, I would be rooting for his opponent.

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