The MMA Beat: Episode 184


  1. Who's the weakest link here? Danny is. Absolutely no own views nor opinions. Get this Luke person back now..

  2. Why are they talking about Nick Newell for almost 20 minutes now??? I don't get it, no disrespect to Nick, but come on and who cares??? This kid quit a few years back and now he is back. He will never beat a top 10 guy no way. Can we move on and talk about something else??? Come on Ariel, boring! CM Punk, Nick Newell are we serious?

  3. Does Danny ever smile??? He looks so sad, this show is hilarious, I use to be a huge fan of the show, but you got big nose cry baby Ariel, The man in the hat Chuck who is so weird and then Jeff with the crappy shirts and pretty much is an amateur guest on MMA, works for the washington Post and only does the big shows. The best part of the show is Luke and he is not there. Forget this show and give Luke his own show! I am not hating, but this show is so stale and needs major upgrading, I can't be the only one that thinks this. 21:48 they finally moved onto another topic, wow! Who are the producers, NY Rick who is a moron!

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