The MMA Beat: Episode 184


  1. This is in my Opinion the real A-Team. I really like Danny instead of Luke.

  2. I can say legitimately speaking that I fast forward through all of Danny's parts.


  3. Chuck is the real star… when Luke's overbearing ego is absent, it's easier for others to impress

  4. Love the show BUT the topical conversations dragged today and please get rid of Danny

  5. I'd prefer 4 DJ n TJ 2 keep there belts n fight at 130lbs catch weight then return 2 there divisions at least that way divisions don't come more held up than necessary

  6. wish we had luke complaining about some spanish word quesa DILL yah Jay Lap Eno

  7. At the 2:32 and 1:57 marks of the 1st Round it clearly looks like Justin Gaethje knees a totally grounded Nick Newell in the head that lead directly to the fight changing drastically in favor of Justin Gaethje. Nick Newell and his corner complained about that immediately after the fight. But as usual nothing was done because in MMA FOULING IS IGNORED AND LOOKED AT AS BEING LEGAL.

  8. Nick Newell vs CM Punk winner stays in UFC.Lets get real fighters in and the chimps out of the best promotion in the world!

  9. I love the crew but have you guys consider bringing in a special guest fighter or another analyse? I think I've only seen this happen once. Bring in a fighter who actually follows the sport or bring Brett Okimoto from ESPN? Brandon Schub might be reaching lol

  10. Rockhold has been in many three some 's not love triangles , there is a big difference .

  11. So a journalist critique you and for that you (a professional mma firghter, one of the best heavyweights in the world) say that you would punch him if you see him (he said that in the interview ). WTF

  12. Nick Newell shouldn't be in the UFC. How can he defend himself when he is on his back and a fighter has his arm? He will get pounded. No point for it/// The UFC should test fighters prior to all fights for alcohol levels in their system. A high level can effect their performance and even harm a fighter.

  13. TJ vs Dj would be crazy. I want them to set that up. Super fight between those two are great

  14. Comments are when Luke is in Studio: "Omg Luke is arrogant etc , not watching." Then when's not on: "No Luke, no watch from me." MAKE UP YOUR MINDS YOU LETTER AVATARS.

  15. Does Danny ever smile??? He looks so sad, this show is hilarious, I use to be a huge fan of the show, but you got big nose cry baby Ariel, The man in the hat Chuck who is so weird and then Jeff with the crappy shirts and pretty much is an amateur guest on MMA, works for the washington Post and only does the big shows. The best part of the show is Luke and he is not there. Forget this show and give Luke his own show! I am not hating, but this show is so stale and needs major upgrading, I can't be the only one that thinks this. 21:48 they finally moved onto another topic, wow! Who are the producers, NY Rick who is a moron!

  16. Why are they talking about Nick Newell for almost 20 minutes now??? I don't get it, no disrespect to Nick, but come on and who cares??? This kid quit a few years back and now he is back. He will never beat a top 10 guy no way. Can we move on and talk about something else??? Come on Ariel, boring! CM Punk, Nick Newell are we serious?

  17. Who's the weakest link here? Danny is. Absolutely no own views nor opinions. Get this Luke person back now..

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