The MMA Beat: Episode 182


  1. Really CUCKS you guys talking about for 30 mins . Terrible show

  2. Let's be real. As a fan, I would love to have Jon Jones come back ASAP. Why would I, as a fan, care about what's fair?

  3. Jeff seems a nice guy but at points I find him difficult to watch. Trade in Danny for a permanent a slot.

  4. Its insane that MMA analyst and community tip toe on egg shells when discussing severe punishment for Jon Jones and his career. Obviously Jones hasn't taken his career as seriously as all the fans and analyst have. Stop handling him with kid gloves. That's part of the problem.

  5. Man, all week Luke's been defending his right to drink alcohol like a college "donk" on his 21st birthday. If you're secure in that, just let it go and move on Lucas…

  6. Just shows how much of a good job Ariel does keeping the show flowing along. Not as easy as it looks!

  7. We pretty much all know jons a cheating bastard. The only real debait is how long of a suspension should a guy that continues to lie about taking PED's should he get? Someone said 2.5 years, that sounds reasonable considering DC took bad head trauma. How long troop?

  8. Were proably gonna get anothet dose of dana white and jeff novitsky trying to convince the public and usada that jon didnt take it LOL

  9. “Sean O’Miley”??
    Danny ruined it just as I was starting to like him.

  10. this episode was off. LT asking about colby covingtons comments then saying talking about it gives him credence… less pot guys, less pot..

  11. Does anyone else despise Luke? So annoying. I actually hope he dies soon. That way I won't have to come across his sorry ass. Would be nice if Jon Jones choked his fat ass to death. ?

  12. Luke, please die soon. I send a wicked vibe into the universe, to curse you. I hope no one is around, but I'll take a horrible car crash with you and your family inside. Hopefully you are by yourself though.

  13. The comment about if it goes to instant replay then the fight's over is an I'll conceived comment. If the fight is over when the instant replay is called up then the replay adds zero value. They should develop a system in which they can pull up a replay immidiately in seconds with zoom in capabilities with every available camera angle and on a large mobile device (ie a tablet) that the ref can review the questionable action in under and minute. This would allow for minimal down time and momentum change if the action in question was above board.. but if after review the action was deemed illegal then an immediate decision can be made to move the fight forward or end the fight. To me this isn't technically easy but it's a no brainier to implement. Many fighters have been unfairly hurt(physically and monetarily) due to having no instant replay. It's 2018 UFC/state commissions get with the times.

  14. Those numbers Luke mentioned about the Countdown are nothing out the norm. They're probably actually lower than usual.

  15. the matchups have been good considering the active roster theyre working with, theyre doing a good job, doing their best,
    & I love it. like good fights every weekend now, this is the new model, & I love it. stop moaning.

  16. Jeff has made many relevant points over time, but geez he is sooo hard to listen too at times. I hope he works on his delivery and public oration. I know he’s a writer at heart but your on a show where you are a visual presence. Much respect .

  17. I am the host here blab blahh blah stfu up Luke and get into it we all know who u guys are

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