The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 345


  1. Brendan'!! Get the strongest probiotics you cant found and start eating it! i hade the same problem as you! just a TIP! 😀 ???

  2. just a heads up, this episode is mostly about the lighthearted topics of disease, doctors, medicine, murder, crime, & sociopaths.

  3. Brendan is not only one of the dumbest people in entertainment, but he also watches the TV shows that other stupid people watch… its just shocking watching how obnoxious a human can be. None of his audience likes any of the crap shows he watches, and he knows almost zero actually good shows or movies. Brendan is an example of how an out of control ego makes you a talentless hack idiot who fakes everything and is delusional about their own life.

  4. so no Laws for being a fucking 600lbs+ monster…but no drugs for anyone…because you can die…

  5. That’s why MJ left, Callen was whispering ‘get your tits out’ in her ear in his british accent

  6. Callen's "sort of like this" and "right" was perfect. I'm from the east end of london

  7. This comment section is just getting toxic! Why do you guys keep coming back if you guy's hate Schaub?

  8. Does Brendan look like he's gained weight? Looks like he just came in from mowing the lawn and just said fuck it!

  9. Brendan looking doughy in this episode lol. Thicker than a snickers

  10. boys take some time off,you both seem sick and tired,we appreciate the effort of doing the show but its cool if you gotta take a minute to unwind and recharge.

  11. Get rid of that stupid book from the table, that guy's face freaks me out

  12. Brendan really needs to connect with his family hes laughing at the fact his dad is trying to make conversation with him and saying its embarrassing. Its embarrassing the fact you struggle to makr conversation with your dad and you should feel bad. Brendan needs to realise you work to live not live to work. You put everything aside if your granny dies and make sure you are at the funeral its one day get a grip and realise whats important

  13. The fuck you faggots have to do with Tupac and Biggie.. Why?

  14. Brendan really showing his emotion-dominated, weak brain during the Eagle Scout bit.

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