The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 341


  1. "Buddha was fat" – almost certain Brendan was joking, but I'm still triggered.

  2. brian you are a smart guy. im sure you can figure out this tariff encourages American steel production. its not that complicated.

  3. Brendan “the guy from the bachelor is gay but I heard he has a piece on him” Schaub

  4. Bryan is a good guy, you can tell. Awesome person to hang out with….. Your awesome man, you to Brendan.

  5. Schuab better watch that diet or he will become type 2 diabetic, if his insulin level are high enough to be pre diabetic then he is definitely not dieting like he says he does. needs a diet change or he will be full blown diabetic

  6. The illegal part about that search is that it has to be a woman police officer (if available) to search like that, because of the privacy of the female. However, the said woman is still a McCunt.

  7. How in the hell are they arresting Caregivers for giving kids vitamins melatonin is not even a controlled substance you can just go grab it off the shelf and buy it just like milk or eggs it's not going to kill a kid or harm them in the long run

  8. At 26:55 Brendan for suuree just almost slipped up about being the true C.D.D.

    Voice cracked and tone changed lol

  9. Do y’all seriously think cheaters was a true reality show? I mean y’all watched the fakest episode ever and nobody was like hey why are they on a boat? Wait is this scripted? Lol

  10. Big Browns 100% gay, everytime callen starts to wind him up about anything gay he can’t take it and changes the subject right away, schaub might have the ridiculous girl but he 100 fancies her brother more than her haha

  11. Dude straight up stole chris rocks Life aint short life is long especially if you make the wrong choices

  12. lmao, jamie just lets them talk about the cheaters guy getting stabbed as if it actually happened, even though it was just completely scripted, and thats not even controversial. I looked up that video they watched and just under it there was an inside edition exposing the show as being completely fake lol. edit, ok at least bryan and brendan thought to make sure it was legit after. Fucking jamie though should have seen that right under the video they watched and could have saved them from looking like idiots for 10 minutes.

  13. brendan shaub is the type of guy that told you to make a girl a mixtape in high school

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