The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 340


  1. I feel like u boys are being a bit lenient on that cat zingano striking. She looked really bad dude, like chin touching the toes of god, hands down ,sloppy

    I think cyborg beats cm punk but u guys are getting crazy with the other stuff, most of the top 135s have it over her I think, let alone a TJ dillashaw who would probably KO her inside 1-2 rounds, with his kicking speed.. That man is insane. and i love cyborg. I think dom takes a decision more likely than a TKO just cause his striking is technical , not really powerful. But he definitely could TKO her. Cody has far to much power in his hands, assuncao is looking like a complete killer as well.

  2. callen is starting to piss me off the way he's shouting into the mic thats an inch from his mouth… some of us wear headphones you fuck.

  3. No offense or disrespect, but what is up with all the gay talk etc…??? It is going beyond a goof.

  4. jeeeez man Shcwobs hair is wank not enough cum on it this morning coz not enough cum and the perm comes out

  5. They are talking out of their ass about Sam Rockwell. Character actor my ass, his net worth is $20 million, not too bad and he is only 49 years old. Bryan Callen's net worth is $1.5 million and is 51 years old.

  6. Rick Ross talked shit about 50 Cent Deceased mother! That’s why 50 doesn’t give a fuck. He sticks with he’s beefs! Regardless I don’t wish death upon nobody.

  7. touko laaksonen was ww2 veteran and anti aircraft officer from finland and also did art and drilled germans and russians into ass back in days he is from kaarina vestern finland and did not have easy living in here early times as a gay there is real dark story behind leather kake wfrom where and who is that carachter based on around ww2 and he did art from polices because in 50ties polices used exessive forse on gays on that time just to mock finnish police forces

  8. Ahhhh the truth as to why the Conor BK thing wasn't discussed on JRE MMA show. Callen and Brendan sobbing on the "Kings" knob. Lol.

  9. Crazy so much brendan has becomes i cyborg Dick rider after she was on big Brown breakdown

  10. sandwich: puffy flour dough bread x meat flesh wrapped in flour crumbs..our bodies simply weren't designed to even try & digest that, so they don't, just dumps down the intestines as pure shit, constipates, now you're literally full of shit.

  11. the fvk is with the tupac & biggie portraits in the back, that's all Schaub, & Callen's like ok goes along with it.
    still the fvkin shiny shoes on the table, this is madness

  12. bryan is one of the best stand ups around. i see him every time he is in boston. can't wait for april!

  13. I like how bryan acts like he knows more about how a figher is thinking inside the octagon then brendan, lol

  14. Really? are they actually arguing that there is no difference in genetics in anyway between the races? oh god, wtf is going on here? We're going to pretend everything is hard work and thats the only reason why certain people excel in certain areas? Obviously hard work is a very important ingredient to greatness but if you dont have the genetics to back up then hard work will only get you so far, which isnt very far at all actually if you are born with the complete wrong genetics in the field of your choosing in which you work hard in. Someone with a 70 iq is never going to be an elon musk no matter how much time the spend studying whatever, bill gates will never be a starting full back in the nfl if he trained his ass off every day starting from when he was young. Normally these guys talk straight, I dont like this at all, did the SJWs get to these guys or something,?

  15. Brian Callen, I love you man but for f@*#k sake…Mozart’ was not 17 when he composed his first piece of music he was around five years old… The point you were trying to make was a good one, but old Amadeus was a bad example as he truly was a freak prodigy

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