The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #571 – Aubrey Marcus


  1. fuck Aubrey, a fucking scam artist. Joey you should know better.

  2. 100% of all these "supplements" are 100% BULLSHIT,rogan is ripping off his fans,WAKE UP,Joey is forced to do this infomercial by JOE ROGAN.

  3. Aubry Marcus is a fucking fag. I'd rather watch uncle Joey pick dangleberries off his nasty fat ass than listen to this fucking oily useless cunt

  4. Hey everyone look, its the Trust Fund Kid who never had to earn a dollar in his life and got all his money from mommy and daddy but can't STFU about his snake oil company. How about you do something impressive like start your own company from a 5000 dollar credit card limit or loan and grow it to a million dollar a year business instead of getting 1 million dollars from your parents?

  5. tip top mcgoo savages kick that mule u understand me ck skers!!! hahaha love you bb
    lee come to my hood in nyc we sell u out my man

  6. Joey "I once sniffed a gram of coke out of a hookers asshole while Pablo Escobar was sat a few feet away playing a harmonica" Diaz.

  7. Fun Facts: Aubrey's biological mother invented the Fleshlight. His stepmother helped invent Alpha Brain, the supplement that his company was built on and Joe Rogan talks about a lot.

  8. Alpha brain messed me up man seriously maybe it was just me plus I didnt feel anything positive effects

  9. Whether you’re a Cop or Criminal be the best damn Cop or Criminal there is.

  10. i swear the best part of the podcast is when Joey sells shit at the beginning

  11. Lees comment screening service is brought to you by alphabrain. The hardest vitamins on the planet

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