The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #570 – Michael Rapaport and Nick Turturro

Michael Rapaport, an actor known seen in “True Romance” and the host of the “I Am Rapaport Stereo Podcast” and Nick Turturro seen in “NYPD Blue” and “The Longest Yard”, join Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt LIVE in studio.


  1. The two Guys remind me of the Pill Bugs from "A bugs life" The way they laugh together and talk for eachother

  2. this is one of my favorite podcasts so far Joey! PLEASE have these guys on again!! this was great!!!

  3. Fuck this Rapaport guy, fuck New York, and fuck the Chosen People.

    Also, fuck his unwatchable short-lived sitcom from the early 2000s.

  4. Holy shit! Ive seen that guy on friends as a cop who dates pheobe i thought he was annoying as FUCK…ive never seen him i know his name. Rapaport… He's even more annoying…holy shit.

  5. Nicole Eggert says that Lee Syatt molested her on the set of Charles in Charge decades ago and she just NOW brings it up? Sounds fishy to me.

  6. i got a colonoscopy yesterday… im clear thank Jesus! simple proceedure. but little stomach discomfort afterwards

  7. First Joey podcast I couldn’t finish! I listen to Joey because he keeps the political crap out of his show. I also don’t want to be screamed at god 2 hours. Turturro yes Rapaport never again please!

  8. Get this noisy wigga off this podcast. You’re better than this, it’s all goin to hell lately on here.

  9. Great podcast cool chat with these cocksuckas but lee should turn his mic off. thanks Coco!

  10. I tried to like Rapaport. I really did. He is a Bunghole. Now Nick is a great guest and likable guy. Next time bring the sauce.

  11. Nick is always the little brother who tries too hard to fit in. His brothers fame did a number on his confidence

  12. I'm from NYC and Rappaport is so embarrassing. Talking and chewing with his mouth open? No class. And that accent. The reason why I hate New Yorkers. Duh Duh Duh. Learn elocution. Oh wait they are too stupid to know what that is. Frigging mooks. So very sad.

  13. Coco’s gonna die in a damn freezer..????
    Fuck off, trump fags…the CHURCH COMES FIRST!!!

  14. Rappaport such a cunt for not bringing up lee when he was talking about the line up. Dude is rude af . I’m straight from Rosedale queens where nicks family is from. I’m neighbors with his cousins (small world) but every New Yorker isn’t like this douche we talk loud and aggressive but not in this dickhead manner that he always presents

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