The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #569 – Kelvin Gastelum


  1. Great guest, and we was awesome on TUF. Don't think he should be going down a weight though, I thought he'd given that idea up.

  2. DAMMM.. how come nobody has mentioned Joey being on the stone cold podcast??!!

  3. Funny what guests the bong is and isn't on the table for.. unless it's just out of view..

  4. Do the alpha brain for six weeks on and off like steroid cycles for your brain and read in between and you will be tip top Magoo

  5. Funny when Joey talks about food then makes that noise as if he's busting a nut

  6. "Then you go with another guy for 2 min" daum half fag.. I understand needing to be tuff and able to handle bizz when the time arises but I just don't understand what drives full grown men to still want to wrestle and fight for a living… if I was a kickass fighter AND a badass motorcycles fabricator i would choose the trade over grab ass for maken a living. Why would you wana choose to rub up against another sweaty ass, stinky, long fingered nailed, oily haird, bad breathed man just so you can learn to choke someone a lil harder. I mean if your a badass your a badass. Just use it to protect yourself and your family in case the need arises. Don't say it's to stay in shape. Tons of other activities to do and stay fit without playing grab ass with other men. And for everyone who rides mms fighter pole YES this dude could smash my face in a sec. what a great life skill to posses and a great gift to mankind,,,, being able to whoop ass. Just remeber, ALWAYS someone bigger and badder than you right around the corner and he just might be an everyday working COCKSUCKA.

  7. Joey needs to promote this podcast more – it's so real and fun and his guests are great

  8. Kevin man if you scrolling through reading this.. Kelvin forgives you for not taking up for him. ??????? Could've pulled the eyebrow raise "I'm Rick JAMES BITCH!!"~Kevin Rick JAMES Gastleman aka Calvin Geeman aka Clyden Gastermund aka Kevends Castlefan

  9. 14:5014:52 "Let me tell you something my friend, Kevin Gastleman." Lmmfao!!!!!!!!!! Was smoking a bowl and I hear GASTLEMAN, thought did he say that, listening again I catch Kevin? Noooo did he jus call him Kevin Gastleman? Absofuckinglutely??? Love you Uncle Joey you nucking fut.

  10. Story has it that uncle Joey met the Christ killer on Christian mingle

  11. This guy fights the best of the best and beats the shit out of them

  12. If you just listen to the audio, every now and then Kevin sounds enough like lee that it threw me off a few seconds each time it happened, humble soft spoken dude.
    Wish him nothing but the best .

  13. “ I knocked my wife up at 50 dawg…, you ain’t fuckin with me”

  14. you should make tshirts with that portrait drawing of you Joey, I'd buy it for sure.

  15. I don't think Joey said dudes full name correctly even once.

  16. KG big fan bro yo homeie but whats up with that Lakers Jersey come on man yuma az No Suns love

  17. Lol kelvin gonna pop usada sitting on that chair! My mans slowly absorbing liquid blotter acid, Shrooms and transmission fluid ?

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