Overcoming Fear and Anxiety and more – Coach Zahabi

In this episode I answer your questions on book recommendations, overcoming anxiety and training without wasting away your brain cells. please send your questions to zahabimailbag@gmail.com


  1. Really interesting video. Solid advice. I'm a big audible user so I just picked up the books. Only $1.99 for the Peter Drucker novel.

  2. Thanks Firas, some great advice about dealing with anxiety there. I get anxious speaking in public, and I freeze in that situation in that I get mind blanks. Unfortunately I can't shadow box during class, but you've given me some food for thought!

  3. Would be interesting to hear how you learned to coach. We often take it for granted how mentors get to where they are. You don't just 'know how'. Thank you for the interesting listens.

  4. Hey Firas could you say that using shadow boxing to let your body know it's time to fight is similar to the trick of just smiling to make yourself happier or power posing to made yourself more confident? Using the physical to influence the mental.

  5. I heard that GSP was known to be really nervous before fights. Did he usually have to fatigue himself before the fight?

  6. Sorry, but philisophy DIDN'T start with Socrates. It's a popular misconception.

  7. Just finished reading Inner Game of Tennis the other day, so good timing with the book recommendations! You should def consider transcribing your upcoming audiobook into ebook/paperback format for readers. Really enjoying these long AMA-type vids btw.

  8. The mastermind of mma. My dream is to meet you firas I’m 16 years old I’ll travel to canda to a year or so and hopefully train under you

  9. Rock Climbing is today the most scary, Free Solo Climbing, try that. Just small amount of ppl do that.

  10. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell talks about what you mean by intuition being good if it comes from a place of expertise

  11. Coach! Please hmu with a follow! There is research affirming your ideas! When we workout n "burn off steam" our brain produces BDNF and other chemicals. If you see this listen to the Brain Science Podcast with Dr Ginger Campbell her episode on exercise with Dr John Ratey! I'm going to make a response video on my page ♡ fighting in April os

  12. I love your views on learning more about yourself. Your opinion on the nervous energy and competence breeding confidence are great examples of that. If you are perceptive you can learn these lessons yourself. It is great that your teaching that to those without the experience and those who may not have been perceptive enough. Great stuff! I think your advise is great for kids too.

  13. I’m so looking forward to your book, Coach Zahabi. You have become one of my favorite teachers, and I am so grateful for you. I am a coach as well, and I emulate your generosity and the way you constantly deliver value. Thank you x1000

  14. Thanks Firas. Great video. Would love to know if you have ideas on how to better your bjj whilst injured and unable to practice. Can thinking about technique or watching videos help your game even if you can't be on the mat?

  15. every fight that I have meditated before warm ups and breathe calmly before walkout I have performed much better. Learn deep meditation. It works.

  16. I'de like to add and share To your thoughts on flight or fight. I learned from a Navy SEAL that he used on those life or death missions. He Mentioned 5 principles..
    1. Control the breath Deep slow breaths through the nose. This Triggers parasympathetic nervous system.the relax mechanism of the body
    2. Positive self talk
    3.Visualize complete domination
    4. Small attainable goals.
    5. Trust your training
    It has helped me a lot on tough situations and over coming my fears. Thanks for this awesome video

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