Overcoming Fear and Anxiety and more – Coach Zahabi

In this episode I answer your questions on book recommendations, overcoming anxiety and training without wasting away your brain cells. please send your questions to zahabimailbag@gmail.com


  1. I'de like to add and share To your thoughts on flight or fight. I learned from a Navy SEAL that he used on those life or death missions. He Mentioned 5 principles..
    1. Control the breath Deep slow breaths through the nose. This Triggers parasympathetic nervous system.the relax mechanism of the body
    2. Positive self talk
    3.Visualize complete domination
    4. Small attainable goals.
    5. Trust your training
    It has helped me a lot on tough situations and over coming my fears. Thanks for this awesome video

  2. every fight that I have meditated before warm ups and breathe calmly before walkout I have performed much better. Learn deep meditation. It works.

  3. Thanks Firas. Great video. Would love to know if you have ideas on how to better your bjj whilst injured and unable to practice. Can thinking about technique or watching videos help your game even if you can't be on the mat?

  4. I’m so looking forward to your book, Coach Zahabi. You have become one of my favorite teachers, and I am so grateful for you. I am a coach as well, and I emulate your generosity and the way you constantly deliver value. Thank you x1000

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