Monday Morning Analyst: Is Nick Newell ‘UFC Level’?

After Nick Newell, a congenital amputee, came out of retirement and defeated Sonny Luque at LFA 35, questions are swirling again if he’s worthy of an opportunity to fight in the UFC. What does the footage tell us about answering these questions? What about the loss to Justin Gaethje in WSOF? Is he UFC level and what does that even mean? We try to answer these and more on the Monday Morning Analyst with Luke Thomas.


  1. If the UFC are signing Newell before fighters with two fully functional arms, there's huge problem.

  2. The UFC might as well sign him because they're a circus now. It was supposed to be the organization with the BEST fighters in the world…Yet CM Punk fights in the UFC. Let's stop pretending like it's not a circus.

  3. Justin Gaethje CLEARLY knees Nick Newell in the head as he was grounded at 2:32 of the 1st Round. After receiving a CLEAR knee to the head as he was CLEARLY GROUNDED the fight totally changed in favor of Justin Gaethje. So it took a CLEAR FOUL in order to give Nick Newell his only loss. And Luke Thomas, you are a professional MMA journalist, and you don't even acknowledge that CLEAR KNEE TO A GROUNDED Nick Newell.

  4. Poor striking defense is one thing.The inability to even shell up could cost him permanently. Esp w/ back against the cage. Someone w/ more reach than Justin would be even more brutal.

  5. Luke's point is solid. We don't know if he can overcome his disability at the top level yet. The referee is there for the fighter's safety for the very reason that if he can't effectively defend himself in a fight, he will stop it. So why should we deny him the opportunity to try and see how far he can go?

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