Michael Chandler vs. Brent Primus


  1. Hey cool interview with Jericho, not sure I left a comment on the video or not,thanks to you and him for doing a full podcast.
    Clicked on this one because it had primus in the title. I know it isn't the band..but still. Lol

  2. Honestly I think the reason Primus took some shit is the way he kept stalking around the cage screaming like he'd just delivered the knockout of the year. If he'd shown a little more humility I don't think he'd have gotten much stick, if any.

  3. I had $100 on Primus in the first fight at +500 odds specifically because of his nasty leg kicks. He had finished people with leg kicks before the Chandler fight. And why do you think Chandler rolled his ankle? It was because Primus kicked the sh*t out of his leg and f*cked up the nerve so it couldn’t function properly. Not a fluke at all.

  4. When on earth is Michael Venom Page going to get Title shot. What am I missing. He is undefeated Bellators Biggest Star. Baffling

  5. Brent Primus only fights once every 12 months i dont think it's been 12 months since his last fight so he had to pull out with an "injury"

  6. Brent Primus is going to get KTFO if he ever grows the balls big enough to fight Chandler again! One of the worst champions ever! Right up there with GDR.

  7. In all fairness, Primus never beat Chandler. And perfect record? At 8 – 0, there's hundreds of MMA fighters that have started their careers 8 – 0. 8 fights isn't a lot. Is Primus good? Of course he is. He's not anywhere close to Chandler's caliber, though.

  8. Didn't know there was a Super Gangster God Uber Chael…the blue hue gives it away.

  9. I´m not surprised he´s trying to hold onto that belt as long as he can after he won that belt by accident…

  10. It’s pretty easy to pick on Brent for example his “championship” is a fluke and for his undefeated record it’s only 8-0, all of which are chumps excluding chandler but we’ve already established that wasn’t a real win especially considering he almost got ko’d against a one legged chandler. One last thing Cody garbrandt was a undefeated champ who actually won the belt then got ko’d.

  11. Chandler better check those leg kicks or brent primus gonna kick his legs off

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