Medicine for the Last Man – Coach Zahabi


  1. Power of the mind will make you or break you. Positive affirmations is all it takes sometimes.

  2. Thanks Firas for the great motivational speech, everyone need to remember that the way we think influence the way we see the world

  3. Thank you, needed that. Your vids helped me a lot in training and also in mindset. Thx a lot

  4. You are NOT Your thoughts, your brain is a machine. You can learn to rise above Your thoughts ( negative thoughts ) to live in a higher state of 'intuition' were You can actually monitor Your own brain/thoughts. It's not new age, it's is old school. Kids are much more in tune with their intuition. Soldiers in combat, cops, a hunter in the woods etc…. they become much more intuitive and less intellectual be a necessity. Bruce Lee talked about ' just being' and 'my body does the action I am the watcher of the action' ….how about being the 'zone' … Do NOT listen or give too much attention to the words in Your head, just 'watch' them and You can get out of negative self talk….The brain is a marvelous 'tool' use it dont be caught up into it….cheers Coach.

  5. That’s true very real… thank’s for sharing…your voice is similar with jeremy’s voice…love hearing it…

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