Live Chat: UFC 222 Recap, Canelo-PED Issue, GSP’s Potential Return

Today on the podcast, we’ll recap the results from UFC 222 including Cris Cyborg’s win, Brian Ortega defeating Frankie Edgar, Mackenzie Dern’s UFC debut and more. We’ll get into boxer Canelo Alvarez’s run in with a PED infraction for clenbuterol. We’ll also talk about Georges St-Pierre’s (GSP) potential return to the Octagon and more. This is the Promotional Malpractice Live Chat with Luke Thomas.


  1. It bkows my mind that you would need us to send money.. your great ay what you DO. And still not getting paid well enough to have this stuff already…

    Alberta is up and running again if you wanna make some real cash..

  2. frankie was winning that fight, dude it didnt even go on to round 2, it barely started frankie moving feinting and threw 1 leg kick and he was winning that, lol

  3. WHY ARE WE COVERING BOXER PED USAGE? I am not trying to be negative Nancy but this is an mma fighting show. I remember recently Luke was asked how long mma fighting is going to cover pro wrestling because of Ronda and he replied that it will probably fade away the longer she is gone and that reminds me of this. I can't tell you how many mma things I watch or sites I go to where we cover boxing or pro wrestling. I mean are boxers talking about Yoel Romeros piss test or Jon Jones. Iv'e just never understood why mma channels always have to cover boxing and pro wrestling.

  4. Not trying to be a troll and I am not saying it is a huge deal but it does seem to be not the most professional. Could you imagine during an NFL show they just break out and start covering the NBA . . . the mma hour with Ariel Helwani

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