JRE MMA Show #18 with Pat Miletich


  1. Damn son. Somebody else bringing up getting “a call”. Then when the conversation got to 9/11 he wanted to talk about ultra marathons.???

  2. Pat Miletich real American badass Croatian American just like Stipe Miocic. 1st Croatian UFC champion,1st Welterweight champion 170lb

  3. If you gave this a thumb down, go jump off a cliff. It doesn't get much better than this for an MMA Podcast. Very entertaining gentleman!

  4. ufc should have offered him a contract as commentary long time ago, they gone and fucked up

  5. The TIGRERO! book is available from Safari Press. Its on Amazon but someone is heard the podcast and jacked the price.

  6. "They can cut me if i lose" smh. Only boring fighters get cut when they lose… Does mark hunt even have a winning record anymore??? But no one cares, because hes exciting…

  7. This really was an interesting and amazing podcast, great guest Pat Miletich

  8. So, the worst Rogan podcast ever on Monday (lookin at you Kurt Metzger) and the best one in a long time. Have Pat on more often.

  9. Could chem trails be real? Theory: animals are being feminized by pollution. I've seen videos that show it happening to polar bears, birds and apparently it's happening to reptiles too but no one talks about that it could be happening to humans. Maybe I'm trip'n but if it's happening to birds and humans are drinking tap water that apparently has female hormones in it from birth control pills cuz it doesn't get filtered out and we're eating loads of soya (cuz it's in loads of food products) and we are getting the chemicals from leaching plastics too, which I guess is the main reason why it's happening to animals then maybe it's feminizing us? I saw a show where lobsters weren't breading in a fish tank because the scenery was plastic and was leaching chemicals that were feminizing the male lobster so they changed the scenery to fibre glass and then after a while it was fine. What if Peter Schiff is right about western economies being unsustainable in their current form and our leaders know it? Then there's fluoride in the American water supply which is rumored to have been used by the soviets and nazi's to sedate larges populations or maybe the government just really cares about tooth decay. Maybe they want people to smoke weed, be feminized and drink fluoride so when the economy goes down marshal law can be declared with minimal resistance. So maybe they are putting some weird additives in jet plane fuel or something too. None of this makes sense because who are the master minds orchestrating all this? Just something I like to think about 😛

  10. I'm glad Joe pointed out to him that he has basically been concussed if he had such a career.

  11. Joe rogan the leader of conspiracies turned into the man that will sell out his friends for money. You have fooled the masses but your hardcore fans and friends know what's up! Pretty sad when your friends are calling you out these days. Joe you wouldn't have this podcast if it wasn't for the conspiracy theorists. Don't forget that!!!! Great podcast!

  12. More OG mma/legit martial artists on! Comedians are great, but MMA and fitness and outdoors are where Joe really really shines. He's the best in the biz at podcasts and commentary in sports and I include the stick and ball sports too, bc he says what's on his mind and actually is an expert. NFL has a few guys like that, but the corporate climate of the league will never allow that type of candor and blunt critiques of the action.

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