JRE MMA Show #17 with Yoel Romero & Joey Diaz


  1. I was just waiting for Joe to tell Yoel to pull that sucker to his face.

  2. Didn't know this dropped.
    Opened up YouTube at work and yelled loud enough for my cousins in Oregon.
    Legendary JRE.

  3. Jesus! Could Yoel have worn a tighter shirt? He looks like a PaulyToon Joe Rogan.

  4. Add this one to the classics folks… I was tuned in and locked in since the first minute. Such a fascinating and interesting story. Dude‘s physique is BROLIC, yet he is so humble and seems like such a great guy. Amazing conversation. Inspirational.

  5. Gives me a chance to practice my Spanish listening. Joey's right there telling me what I fuck up.

  6. Who else was screaming "francis carmont!!" when Joe couldnt figure out who the french fighter was?

  7. Yoel : kjdhfnrjeuofkncshueibmfjirkfm .. you understand ?
    Joe : Yes

  8. I think he learned spanish in '84 , when he was in Boulder, coked up to the gills using Rosetta Stone in a weekend

  9. joey…. i love you but if you gotta use your brain and translate dont get smoked up like a fucking ham

  10. Lmao. Joe usually looks Big compared to his guests. Yoel makes joe look like a meth head. Rofl. I gotta get back to the gym.

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