JRE MMA Show #16 with Brendan Schaub


  1. Em Joe as a DJ Tiesto and Paris Hilton and those people literally just press okay and bounce around. They don't even mix songs together

  2. I really hope those fights end up on the same card ill for sure mark my calendar and order the ppv. also cant wait for Yoel Romero to be on the podcast.

  3. I seriously think Brendan Schaub should be a co star on this show permanently. I always enjoy seeing him on your show joe. Great entertainment always.

  4. Rogan "Taits crossfit friend dropped weight on his neck and is now paralysed form the neck down"
    Brandon "probably pass on the crossfit from here on out"


  5. Brendan: "The sky is green"
    Joe : "No the sky is blue"
    Brendan: " It's blue , I'm just saying that there is some green in it"
    Joe: "The sky is blue"
    Brendan: " Correct"

  6. The only ass Fat Joey is getting will be paid for and even then the hooker will probably retire straight after disgusted in his/herself at not doing Animal farm 2 instead.

  7. Most new age decks take/read C.D's…Pioneer CDJ's take CD's "C.D's = compact disc". the irony of D.J meaning disc jockey and relating to people who only use vinyl is funny because the real name for vinyl disc/records is phonograph record….so wheres the "disc", see we can all split hairs, but the real reason you see celeb Djs just pressing buttons is because they normally are, due to its a show and the lighting has to synced to the music via DMX or other light controlling software so its normally a pre-recorded mix.

  8. “Is that Callen?”
    “Yeah he’s there walkin through the gym”
    “I guarantee you he tries to punch that bag thing you got in there”
    “He’ll break it with his karate power”
    **2-3 minutes pass**
    “He’s out there trying to do dips, he’s barely doin them. He’s just jumping up and down on the thing.”

  9. +1:53:10 you wouldn’t want to see every movie, 99% of them are straight to Redbox garbage.

  10. Lol I know what Joey is "in trouble for" about died during the UFC broadcast when I read it

  11. when the reebok deal is done they should allow everyone to have a sponsorship label in a uniform spot on the shorts. gotta have sponsorship for the fighters somewhere. the UFC aint gonna pay them the same as say burger king did to anderson silva. ever. Other pro athletes get to wear sponsored apparel (cleats, shoes, baseball bats, etc.). why not the fighters. GREEDY.

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