Joe Rogan Experience #1095 – TJ English & Joey Diaz

T.J. English is an author and journalist known primarily for his non-fiction books about the Irish mob, organized crime, criminal justice and the American underworld. His latest book “The Corporation: An Epic Story of the Cuban American Underworld” is available now. Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor. Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now”.


  1. That's kool Joey got Joe to do this podcast for that guy… Plus, I enjoyed it, thoroughly.

  2. Too many people to confirm joeys stories and not enough instances of people remembering differently or discrediting them, Joey drops knowledge, which includes being truthful!

  3. Every time Joey starts whispering he is lying to a certain extent. That is his tell.

  4. That pussy grabbing dance will make the head of every feminized liberal faggot who watches this explode into a million pieces

  5. I hope Kurt Metzger watched and saw how you should act when on with another guest.

  6. That's was beyond interesting and entertaining. It always blows my mind how good some people's memories are, when recalling a story

  7. What I want to know…with TJ is why does he dye his beard and mustache? Is that a crime thing? Is he paying homage?

  8. I'm sorry but Joey DIaz is an ignorant, there is a big difference between a dialect, slang and the proper language, Diaz speaks shit, period. If I'm not mistaking almost every south and central American countries have their own type of Spanish, meaning varieties of Spanish, however, they all can understand each other, including Spain, Spanish Grammar taught at the schools is from Spain. Brazil has Portugues but you can ask a Portugues person if he or she can understand 100% a Brazilian, it is a bit different, the same happens with the Spanish from South and Central America. Cuba is a shithole like Venezuela, and che is a mass murderer, most of the comi were supporting el che for obvious reasons, then got fashionable, thanks to the left marketing, initiated especially in USA and France. El Che is a result of the USA campaign in South America to destabilize the comis, breaking down the democracy and forcing instead a dictatorship government, this situation triggered a revolution headed by "el che" in Argentina, Yes "el che" unfortunately was Argentinean, and he expanded throughout South America. So Joe, mass murder was committed by USA, dictatorship and the comi revolutionary, leadered by the che. Also you should read a bit more about the Argentina history because Diaz and Romero are talking so much nonsense. Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

  9. I could listen to Joey stories for days. Thanks Joe for having a show like this

  10. 1:00:55 Joey talks about Sleepers movie,and Joe has no fucking clue about the movie,
    and i m pretty sure that they had converstaion about same movie on some podcast couple years ago right ?
    Stoned ,but not stoned as Joe obviously -__-

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