Joe Rogan Experience #1088 – Bryan Callen


  1. The thing about wealth is, you choose to make these people wealthy. You choose to buy their products, at their prices. People have no issue buying a 1200$ iPhone, but they do have an issue with someone being ridiculously wealthy.

  2. Joe, our body makes its own cholesterol, it doesn't need an outside source. Who's ignoring science again?

  3. About the legalized prostitution thing… does love matter for squat or am i just an old school softie?

  4. antelope are found in alberta, Canada don't know about any other provinces having them, Me I live in British Columbia a hunting meccaa, moose, deer, elk, bear cougar bison bighorn sheep, mountain sheep, mountain goat, caribou, lots of different game birds… I love where I live for hunting.. to bad my bodies has cacked out so don't really do it again

  5. I wish that there was an option to be able to come back to YouTube and pick back up where you had left off earlier. I’ve watched the same 3 mins without knowing it about 4 times

  6. It's hilarious that Joe wants office jobs to go away but doesn't realize that's probably 60-70% of his listener base is people with office jobs

  7. 25:00 I think it's disingenuous and a bit rich to label all progressive thought as 'young' or inexperienced in the same minute that you talk about a speaker being jeered off stage without a chance to speak. That is dismissive and a generalization, and overall not a helpful contribution to the dialog. Then again, you're an actor, so thank our lucky stars no one is actually informed by your views, right?

  8. Joe did you get Lucky? Or did you work hard and become the Hero of your own movie? You mock people who call you getting lucky… Kinda confusing message….

  9. Love Joe, think he is off about antianxiety or antidepression medication. This is a case of correlation =/= causation.

    Maybe people with anxiety or depression could be more likely to be mass shooters or commit suicide. The fact they are on medication is due to their condition, most people who do this will have a condition and likely they will be on meds, it doesn't prove that medication caused them to do it though.

    Maybe without meds we would see way more incidences of this, blaming meds may be a little irresponsible.

  10. White supremacy take on black athletes: "Black athletes are a product of white supremists breeding black slaves for physical attributes.. WHITE PEOPLE MADE BLACK ATHLETES" So white people gets the credit 😛 ..

    ps. not a racist, just devils advocate 😉

  11. Rams have to get fucked up i seen a video of one knocking out or killing a cow

  12. Bighorn sheep ritually ram their heads into each other and woodpeckers slam their heads against trees thousands of times a day with neither species’ sustaining concussions or even much of a headache, as far as we know. Meanwhile, much lesser forces result in a concussion, or worse, in humans. Our analysis suggests that both woodpeckers’ and bighorns’ brains are naturally protected with mechanisms that slow the return of blood from the head to the body — increasing blood volume that fills their brains’ vascular tree, creating the Bubble Wrap effect.

    We have observed that the woodpecker uses muscles to do this, while the sheep has hollow pneumatic horn cores attached to its respiratory system that allow it to re-breathe its air and thus increase carbon dioxide in its bloodstream, expanding its intracranial vascular tree and enhancing the Bubble Wrap effect.

    That same bubble wrap effect also appears to lower the incidence of concussions among football players at high altitudes, according to a study by researchers at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. They hypothesized that higher altitudes increased the volume of blood coursing through the brains arteries and veins, mimicking this bubble wrap effect seen in bighorn sheep.- Allison Eck on Mon, 06 Jan 2014

  13. The study about 60% have $500 in the bank is worded and referenced incorrectly all the time. The study says that $500 in their savings account. It doesn't state have $500 in their bank account. You can have many different types of accounts at a bank. You can have a checking account, an investment account, you can move your money to a brokerage account. It's not surprising to me no one keeps their money in savings accounts when savings accounts only give you less than 1% apy. The only people who have savings accounts right now are pretty much older people or people not in touch with the current financial offerings. If they combined all those accounts we would have way less than 60% who have less than $500 in their account.

  14. I don't know where his logic comes from sometimes. Universal income? He should listen to his own podcast with Peter Schiff

  15. Please get Cael Sanderson on. Folkstyle/Freestyle wrestling is the largest feeder program for MMA.

  16. It’s nice to hear a podcast with callen when douche bag Schaub isn’t interrupting every 15 seconds just so he can repeat every word Joe speaks. The guy “loves” everybody but at the same time talks shit about them.

  17. With regards to the guns. They say you won’t stand a chance against US military with small arms. How about Vietnam? How’d the Vietcong do against the US military? Afghanistan? Iraq? Yes toe to toe you can’t stand against a conventional military but plenty of nations have fought unconventional warfare successfully against conventional military might using nothing but small arms and improvised explosives.
    Joe is starting sound more and more like a leftist cuck. The founding fathers knew that their own government could one day become tyrannical like the one they just won a war against.
    The right to bear arms has always been about self defense. The self defense includes from a government who becomes tyrannical.
    Just look at recent history from the Nazis and the Marxist of Russia and China and the millions of their own citizens they killed. All those governments imposed gun control on its citizens

  18. I like Joe, but he seems too stoned here. He is happy that the riches techies are leftists, but in every other podcast he curses the same people for demonetizing and censoring EVERYONE. Yeah… Not so sure im happy big tech is leftist. I would wish they didnt implement their ideology into their jobs – which they do – WAY TOO MUCH. I would rather want these people to be realists, and not left or right wing.

  19. Who are the 1,300 people who disliked this podcast??? Why are they even listening, if you hate just ignore and fuck off! over million views baby! Rogan and Callen are the man!!!

  20. I live in Boston and I can answer your "Nomad" least I am everything..Have been labled everything..Been rock bottom..and have come to learn the system the hard way…Love to talk about my experience in Boston

  21. These guys are missing the historical context of why which ethnicity dominated certain sports at certain times.
    It has a lot to due with upward mobility.
    In the past when other ethnicity groups were being treated badly, they used sports as an out
    (Such as Italians and Irish).
    Now those groups have other options. They don't have to just play sports.
    You can extrapolate that to modern times.
    The majority of our professional athletes are comprised of the most oppressed groups.

  22. 88 trillion 800 billion dollars to give everyone 12,000 a year. But that is all 7.4 billion of us.

  23. The French don’t even recognise ADHD it’s bullshit the kids are naughty because there board and full of energy

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