Joe Rogan Experience #1086 – Rory Albanese


  1. Roarbanese is one of the best guests. Submitting to the Jrogns and Alphamedian at the right points. Full of shit as much as Joe but confident enough to Alpha him through truly different comedy style.

  2. Americans measure in fingers and toes. The Europeans measure in precision ( metric system).
    But even here in the U.K. they still use stupid-as-ffffuck measurements like 'feet', or stones. Yards.
    That's so retarded! Who's yard are we talking about? My crappy little yard? Or your yard? My big feet or your teeny feet? So , so backward.

  3. I have a good idea for a podcast instead of comedians getting coffe in cars we all know comedians are best on coke so comedians doing coke in international waters and let those fukers go for 6 hours straight !

  4. Sorry lefties, life by definition starts at conception.
    But I got good news and bad news.

    Good news is; I got him down from 15 to 10.
    Bad new is, adultery is still in.

  5. Thank fuck last time he was on Joe warned Rory about his overuse of the word "like" … coz he reigned it in.  I was watching him on Bertcast – and the "likes" were coming fast & thick, I had to stop watching Bertcast purely because of the amount of fuckin times he said "like" but I mean here in the last 3 minutes here he made up for it, I think the coffee had sunk in, he said "like" something LIKE 10 times in like, a single, like, fucking sentence.  It's maddening, thank fuck he kept them for the end.  I think if he didn't started losing it at the end Joe would have kept talking but I thinjk, like, Joe didn't wanna warn Rory again, so he just cut it off.  I enjoy listening to him.  I've actually never stopped watching a podcast because of speech patterns, but on Bertcast Rory was fucking, like, totally, like taking, like the piss.  He needs to get off Adderall and smoke more weed.  In fact, no, he should just chill, like sober, like, the fuck out like.  Coz like, is it not, like, annoying like, when someone, like talks like this…. I find it MADDENING and I was enjoying the Bertcast.  Thank fuck he reigned it in here because Joe told him off last time.  Get your shit together Rory you're a grown man.

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