Brendan Schaub on Conor McGregor vs. Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib Numagomedov | Luke Thomas

Brendan Schaub – former UFC heavyweight, podcaster (The Fighter and the Kid, Below the Belt), stand-up comedian – stopped by my radio show on Thursday. In this clip, we discuss the lightweight triangle of Conor McGregor vs. Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov and who is the worst match-up for each fighter.

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  1. lot of folk saying these two have great chemistry – they certainly do. huge mutual respect there and great humor and banter between them, etc. but you… are… emm.. BAT SHIT CRAZY if you think the chemistry is as natural and free-flowing as it is between brendan and bryan.

  2. I've got a feeling khabib is going to go down in history as one of the greatest MMA fighters in history if not the greatest

  3. For those who think hands down either would school Connor need to remember Connor absolutely schooled eddie Alvarez. You don’t have to like Connor and maybe he could lose to both but give the guy his props, he’s a deadly fighter.

  4. If hes never lost a single round in training while going against champions from 2,3 and 4 weight classes above him, why would he be so adamant about never moving up 1 weight class where he'd be closer to the average size?

  5. All you must have to face Khabbib is a heart . After that all you need is "bypass"

  6. Luke, you should have asked Schaub how Conor would do against Roger Federer in a tennis match. Not that I really care about seeing that but I just wanted to hear what kind of shit would come out of Schaub's mouth to make a case for Conor.

  7. Luke why cant u see, that Brendan is not reasonable analyst, not worthy attention. Schaub is one big Joker without any relevant knowledge. It is shameful, that you Luke, cannot see through his disguise. He is similar to Dany Segura. These people have no insight, no relevant knowledge, they can pass on mature mma audience – your audience Luke. I have been listening to Joe R podcasts, where I had a lot of opportunities to examine Brendan´s poor ability to enrich our horizons. He is not worth your (neither Joe´s company Luke. Yeah, he is like Britney Spear of mma. He looks Gucci but has no real talent or relevance. It is embarrassing looking at you or Joe R. to involving him to any mma discussion. Just his mindset, such a brown-noser, always defending the case of money fights instead of educating the casual audience, how important is to put right fights based on deserved meritocracy together. Because he is not only worthless as a mma back-room boy, but he is actually doing the opposite: he is urging the audience about the money fights. This Mayweather type fights his mouth is full off… Don´t you get it yet Luke. He is a cancer of mma progress and evolution, drowning ship down, just by being vocal about all those terrible ideas. This is his typical saying: "Aaaaah, this is the fight to make, this will generates the most money." Really Brendan?
    UFC since they change owners is pretty successful in ruining the sport. And guess what? Brendan Schaub is backing them up, advocating for the fights, which make only sense from sell-as-much-as-possible perspective. Look at the sport guys, if you dont see it, you dont deserve better.

  8. Ain't it funny ? 2 fights ago, Khabib was ridiculed, now he is THE guy to beat in the whole UFC. That's funny.

  9. Brendan isn't cutting Luke off, imagine what the fighter and the kid would be like if he didn't cut off Callen.

  10. I didn't have the time to listen to the interview, but Schaub has a terrible history picking fights.

  11. Yeah, Brendan on Big Brown breakdown can be a little grating sometimes but he has a great chemistry with Luke. Also MMA is his thing, he’s clueless on boxing.

  12. Tony and Khabib both school Conor. Even these guys can't except reality.

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