Brendan Schaub Interview: Below the Belt, UFC 222, E! Gigs, Stand-Up Comedy And More

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub stopped by on Thursday to discuss his new Showtime program ‘Below the Belt’. We discussed how he got the show, how it might evolve, his podcasts (The Fighter and the Kid, Below the Belt), working with E! Entertainment, his stand-up comedy tour and more.

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  1. Brendan looks like a mexican conquistador with that mustache

  2. Amazing show! Great interview and great chemistry. Luke you need to go on Fighter and the Kid!

  3. "just working my aaaaass off my man" "on a typical day I'm done at 4, a busy day, home at 6". Bbbbeast of a worth ethnic.

  4. Haha to be honest I stopped listening to Schaub awhile back cause he was acting like a dink in my opinion but this below the belt show is pretty awesome. Perfect for fight fans and just sport fans in general. People need to stop calling everyone racist. That word has lost all of it's meaning and only illiterate morons throw that word around especially when there is no actual evidence of racism haha god I hate people.

  5. Shaub wants to tank his "comedy" career already by putting out a special to people who aren't his audience? Genius

  6. Schaub picks against his good friend, Brian Ortega, to lose against Frankie Edgar and cites his striking as the reason. Brendan is a good personality for tv/digital shows, but his fight picks are simply awful. Most of us aren't on the record w/ our picks like a public figure is so I realize it's easy to say but I listen to him enough to know he's comically awful at it for being an ex-fighter

  7. The camera angle changes and prompter , na flick those , it's like a kids show , M, I ,C ,K ,E , Y ..M O U S E club y'all …
    Otherwise , big brown Hollywood town is the goods ..

  8. Luke! All bullshit aside can we make this happen more often? You two are the perfect duo. You’re the best in the mma game at fight analysis and Brendan is the best in the mma game at keeping us entertained. Together its great. My two favorite in the game, hands down.

  9. Brendan is a brilliant thief he steals shit from everyone. "No fact check." Michael Rapaport says that every episode. i can't doubt how much he steals fromRogan and Calen.

  10. Luke needs to give Cyborg her respect, she has tested clean for years and she was dominant before and after USADA so he is just talking out of his ass right now SMH joke, if you want to talk about PED abusers then you should talk about Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort first and foremost

  11. I have just started watching this but does Brendan shave or not? I'm kinda of a fan of Brandan

  12. So nice to hear Schaub actually have someone to go back and forth with in a real conversation. instead of the terribly awkward conversations with Chin on BBB. He needs a solid co-host.

  13. lol Brendan lying about the numbers again…..same with TFATK…..astronomical numbers that just can't be true if u count all podcast platforms together….

  14. I agree that Luke and Schaub share an almost unbearable level of bro force on this interview but all the people saying that he should be roasting him… really? Right… Luke should just go in there and tell Schaub that he's a tool. Uh huh… way to build a great career and get more interviews.

  15. These days Schaub spends more time going over his itinerary than talking fighting

  16. The Famous Once in a Lifetime Schaub! Damn Epic Episode! Schwab is so knowledgable and an expert love him!!

  17. I feel like everyone disses Schaub just because it’s the thing to do. Schaub is funny af and certainly not as dumb as people say he is. He’s successful as hell and I’m happy for him

  18. He's just not a drawl, B.

    In this money fight error, ya gotta be Conor on the mike or you can lose my number fer sure.

    It's tough man, 100%. Does that Mike Pence?

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