Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping FULL EPISODE #56 – I Like It When They Pray (Gall & Parillo)


  1. Mickey said he lost 2 outta 3 rounds?
    His Ass got handled every round easily at his own game, he was talking to much Shit!

  2. Jesus Christ, Luis needs to shut the fuck up some times and let other people talk

  3. Man, thought joe bringing yves Edwards on his show was to smooth over the misunderstanding with schaubs comments and make nice but hr actually didnt back up his stupid comments. Was proud of Joe for letting schaubs ignorance hang in the air for a second.

  4. Huge fan of Michael bisping and been holding this in for months and didn’t want to put dirt on his name but a few months ago when I was watching Michaels pod cast he was telling all his fans if they want to make some money betting for the Luke rockhold fight bet Luke and bet second round using “BETDSI” website to place your bet and he continued To say how trustworthy these people were so I placed my bet using my $200 bucks because I know Michale is a straight up person and tells it how it is. I was praying that Luke was right cause I really needed the money. Anyways Luke won the fight and months later “BETDSI” been bull shiting me about my money and doesn’t want to pay making up plenty of excuses! I really disappointed because I don’t have money like that to bet but I trusted you and you’re podcast. Please don’t give fake bet sites promotion just because they give you a few dollars! Because your fans have to pay for it at the end of the day.

  5. Luis did great on the JRE im surprised.. ive watched this podcast since before dan henderson fighht.

  6. can we get flipping video already for gods sake.. this is one where it wouldve been great

  7. Listened to the whole of the Khabib vs Tony conference call and from a neutral perspective it seemed like Khabib absolutely destroyed Furgason throughout. Tony was overly trying to flex and was saying he was currently working out in the gym whilst doing the talk… which made him looked scared or overconfident depending on what way you look at it. I personally think Khabib wins this fight but Tony is one of those fighters who can cause any other martial artists problems due to his counter attacking style. I'd personally never bet on this fight due to Tony being that unpredictable in his fight style but that aside… I still see Khabib controlling the fight. Either way this bout is massive!!!! On another note Mickey Gall seems like such a nice guy and have never cheered him on before (I haven't routed against home either mind you) but hearing him speak like this on here has made me respect him more

  8. Luis is the real ass dude of the week for finally getting on JRE podcast!

  9. Holy fucking shit! About that story with Luis's dad was terrible man… shit was devastating to hear to be honest and hope he's dealing with that shit as well as possibly can be.

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