Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping FULL EPISODE #55 – Pillow Talk (Jan Bisping)

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss UFC Liverpool booking, Covington vs RDA for potential interim title, LFA fighter’s bizarre DQ plus Mike’s dad Jan Bisping joins the boys and details what it’s like to raise Mike and his years in the British military!


  1. believe u me from king of canada 100$ on egypt vs greece tommorow mo salah lalalalalala if he's good for u he's good enough for me

  2. I get sent worse stuff than that. My mate sent me a picture that said as follows: "When you run over your next door neighbours autistic son." It then had a Moana meme saying you're welcome.

  3. I'm getting sick of this boxing vs mma bs aj, wilder, parker would ko any HW mma and Mcgregor would of got ko'd by any of the top 154 boxers what do you think would happen if charlo vs Mcgregor fought

  4. Loved having Jan Bisping on this episode. Genuinely made interesting points and was the ideal guest for the show. Shame he can't be on multiple weeks to be honest.

  5. Luis, I wish you let Mike’s Dad talk a bit more instead of talking over him so much bro.

  6. luis' kid will end up gay and it can all be traced back to the time when luis showed him his own dick pick by mistake.

    That's karma

  7. I’ve watched this podcast from day 1 basically because Bisping is f’n hilarious. I would of never guessed how funny and entertaining Luis Gomez (didn’t know before podcast) & Bisping would be together. Im glad this podcast came tog so well it makes my Monday’s way more enjoyable! Keep this Shit Show moving on up ? ole cheeky boys

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