Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping FULL EPISODE #53 – Shmoke And A Pancake

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss Bisping on set filming for Macgyver, driving the pace car for NASCAR, Joey Diaz catching heat for Mackenzie Dern tweet, UFC 225 – Romero/Whittaker, Rockhold still trying to fight Bisping again, UFC London, running on treadmills vs. in the city streets, annoying Instagram people, more Mayweather rumors, Listener Questions and so much more!


  1. you just gotta try to sound like a fuckin goat that speaks english ahahahaahaha

  2. Warning to all men: hitting on a woman is now sexual harassment especially if you arent good looking and rich (actually, even if you are good looking and rich) Pampered western womens new favourite hobbies include inventing fictional problems to quench their thirst for being recreationally offended and playing "rape culture" gymnastic olympics where they make the rules and change them to suit their obsessive victim narrative on a whim. If women are wondering where all the "good guys" went, you scared them away with your vile feminist bullshit

    Keep in mind these same women flocked to and loved the movie "50 shades of grey" a movie where a guy forces himself onto a woman without her consent and made $571 million dollars at the box office and $95 million in book sales. I guess the definition of "rape" gets changed here though, coz that guy was "hot"
    Feminism = hypocrisy

  3. Feminism: proving how strong and independent women are by complaining about 1sr world "struggles"
    Fuck yes Bisping / Luis!!!!

  4. Where the fck is the video version? Last week also only audio come on man. I love watching Bispings expressions such a funny fucking dude would be much better off putting the videos versions up.

  5. DJ has stepped up a weight twice and lost to Brad Pickett & Dominator that's why I think he ain't chomping at the bit to fight TJ even if TJ comes down a weight class..

  6. Jesus CHRIST all these MMA Podcast sidekicks are FUCKING UNLIKEABLE. This Guy and Norton are two of the most passive aggressive motherfuckers on the web "Rogan's BOY!?!?!"….dude.

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