Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping FULL EPISODE #51 – Dere-Lick My Balls

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss Kevin Smith’s heart attack along with how Bisping and Luis also almost died, the wrestler transitioning to be male, Stephens vs. Emmett, grounded opponent rules, Andrade vs Torres, Latifi vs OSP, Griffin vs Perry, Bisping’s birthday, listener questions and so much more!


  1. So can any girl take steroids and testosterone and be cleared for state wrestling tournaments, or just the confused ones?

  2. Gonna have to hear you guys make fun of the sponsors! Throw that script out and wing it!

  3. fuck that politically correct horseshit about transgender. fuck that fuckedup bullshit. there is no fucking thing as transgender. you are one or the other (period). fuck that shit.

  4. Man, thank god you guys are back! Had to suffer through half of big brown breakdown with Schaub destroying pronunciations. Could get through it. Sonnen, bispbing and louis da shit!

  5. Birthdays are another hype job for retailers to sell products. Just like xmas, easter etc

  6. It's difficult to see an alpha like bisping panda to these pc terms so embarrassingly. Just speak your mind pal that's why we like you

  7. Yeah celebrating birthdays should be something you grow out of, i will get something nice to eat but thats it.

  8. Holy shit you read my question at the end and your responses were fucking hilarious! That Matt Hammil bit saying about looking out to the audience to come and help you made me crack up laughing. Yet another sterling show fellas and I look forward to the video version.

  9. Only podcast worth listening to keep up with the good work boys great pod cast love it from Ireland ?? Mike you can tell you have Irish blood in you decent humble bloke at the end of the day, ?

  10. Yes!!! Thank you Michael Bisping! It was my 33rd birthday yesterday (monday) and my other half, her mother and sister made a big deal of it… and I find it strange and uncomfortable tbh. As a grown man it's just another day to me.

  11. Leaving the controversy aside, the fact is that the elbows land, the knee in the way back lands and are both illegal. You can't argue Stevens didn't have the intention. He should have been more careful. The rules are in place for a reason. The result should be overturned.

  12. I personally believe Mike is right on the knee. It did miss but clipped on the way back down, those elbows were to the back of the head whilst he was turning into stephens so is a tricky one tbh.

  13. 1:08:30 I thought Luis was going to grab his balls and ask the question. ?? I wanted to see Bispings reaction.
    I will be coming back tomorrow for the video version for sure. ?

  14. the knee grazed,so technically an illegal shot,feel that jeremy was winning the fight though,not easy being a referee in those moments,but that's why they are there for,to make those difficult decisions

  15. rockhold vs bisping 3 would be great and would sell better then the latest PPV's,definitely favor luke on the ground,standing maybe favor michael

  16. Talking of shows that came out of the UK that the US botched….Coupling. I used to watch it (the original version) on WTTW in Chicago every Sunday night. Damn that was a funny show. Jeff was the best.

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