Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping FULL EPISODE #50 – Lions, Tigers & Robots

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss Bisping’s cryptocurrency conference, the Black Panther movie, Cerrone vs Medeiros, Lewis vs. Tybura, Northcutt vs. Gouti, Bisping tries to roll a frying pan like Sage, Nate Diaz smoking weed, Anderson Silva’s dancing instagram video, McDonald’s changing their Happy Meals, move Mayweather rumors, listener questions and so much more!


  1. lewis..tone down the accent its disgusting….you sound like that horrible woman from friends.

  2. Wakanda:
    Blacks only
    No immigrants
    A wall to keep folk out
    No race mixing
    A hereditary royal family
    No LGBTQ
    Limited trading with others

    Oh, and made up by 2 white Jews.

  3. Luis he didnt light the fucking joint and blow it in a kids face! Fuck man you cant just make shit up and pretend its true. Dont you think that wouldve been on cameras and talked about by everyone? He clearly put the joint in his mouth and held the lighter 6 inches away to act out lighting it. You realize weed is still super fucking illegal in texas he would have been arresred instantly! Dumbass! Fuck that pissed me off. Der he light it and blew it in kids faces der… shut the fuck up! Hes a drug addict now? Btw if your worried about your kid seeing a joint then dont bring them to the front row of bloody cage fights dip shit. Finally that kid sitting behind him was with him! That was chris avillas little sister. The same girl that got hit with the monster can by conor.

  4. 13:35 LUIS U GOT IT SPOT ON!! thank u. fuck white guilt. its racism against whites on a global scale, fucking pathetic and spineless.

  5. Americans need to give up their fetish for guns and start caring about their fucking children…nobody needs an AR-15 I dont care how small your dick is!

  6. Mikey B is actually really amazing DJ I was supper impressed.. I'm 31 grew up with/ break beats n Ultra fest.. Mike plays fast n dope

  7. mikes shoulders must be so sore from carrying the gas digital network on his back all this time


  9. i also find it hilarious when lewis is talking about weed like its all good and mike couldnt have made it clearer that he doesnt want to promote it but everytime mike is like shut the fuck up lewis is like ohh nah i feel like weed is going in the legal dierction blah blah , mike must want to rip your stupid head off half the time haha

  10. lewis can you not talk to us like we are 5 year old kids when your doing the adds its so fucking annoying

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