Amanda Nunes Interview | ANIK AND FLORIAN PODCAST


  1. If Amanda fights Cyborg she will get KO'd before the 5th, she doesn't have Holm's footwork and she doesn't have Holm's chin plus Cyborg is just too experienced IMO and Anik should remember that Amanda called out Cris

  2. John and Kenny much props for this interview… I'ma Amanda Nunes fan and a Fan of your work with Kenny as well…

  3. That Cris Cyborg fight seems farther and farther away, lol. I can’t blame Nunes. She gave Cris a chance to fight her. Cris turned it down. It’s Cris’ loss. I don’t want to hear Cris later on calls about Nunes bc she has no one to fight. Too bad…

  4. Amanda what a joke..!
    Did anyone else hear her say..
    "I'm supposed to walk away with my belt again" 1:57
    Hmmm sounds like the Fix is in..!
    Like her last fight..!!!

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