After The (MMA) Beat – Episode 182


  1. Marvel is the McDonalds of the film industry. It's trash but people love it.

  2. For Jones this is why he took the steroid. He just says it doesn't make sense to take it right before the fight if I know that I'm going to get tested. Now it's also the drug that he did take and more importantly, how that works. If Jones wanted a little extr during the the fight this was the drug to take

  3. The Horse Face Ratchet part shouldn't of been said. The point he was making is exactly correct though. She started learning mma from him. She is not a coach, or a black belt, or has 1 single mma fight. Common sense ffs lol.

  4. @sultan Luke is best part of mmabeat and mmaBeatOff show respectively 🙂

  5. Conor is a great fight? How do we know this? It's like he has beaten a whose who. He hasn't even beaten top ranked opponents. He beat Aldo, but that's debatable. He won, but didn't beat him up. He threw a punch that landed just before Aldo's did. You could even say he beat Aldo before the fight. The same could be said with Alvarez. Why did Alvarez stand and bang. He was handed both title shots on a golden platter. He NEVER had to face a fighter that was ranked higher than #6 in order to get his title shot. That is FACT.

  6. Do I believe that Conor said, "I'll fight Frankie, but it has to be for a NEW 165lb. belt." Sure why not. The reason being Dana has already said that he is not going to have a 165lb. belt AND Frankie is a 145lber. Yes he fought at 155lbs. years ago and held the belt there, but he was small for the division. So on short notice Conor expects the UFC to create a new weight division and let him fight for the title? LOL. First thing, Conor doesn't even defend the belt that he has do you think Dana would create a new division for Conor to hold another belt hostage? Secondly Conor knew that there's no way Frankie can make 165lbs. He may weigh that much sometimes , but he had already cut weight for the 145lb. belt. Come on.. We all know what Conor wants. –CONOR WANTS KHABIB IN RUSSIA… LOL

  7. Luke keeps mentioning each week how people talking about controversy surrounding individuals like Colby only gives them the reaction they want…and then he proceeds to talk endlessly about said controversy on shows that are listened to by tens of thousands.

    Besides, it's the media attention that people like Colby crave because that's where most people get their MMA news, that's how i learned about his comments, i'm not sitting on Twitter following Colby tweets. So it's more a case of, if people don't want to give Colby-types attention, well, tough, because the media will cover it and talk about it endlessly.

  8. I agree with Luke's Black Panther film review. I just told my friend the same thing yesterday that I was nearly like a direct Spin Story of Dark Knight Rises storyline. When it could have gone deeper with the villains story before the final fight but didn't. Sounds like 1hr 20 mins the movie time budget decision. When it should have been 2hrs to let the villains role play out more before the final scene.

  9. this episode was off. LT asking about colby covingtons comments then saying talking about it gives him credence… less pot guys, less pot..

  10. You know, when Danny 'You Know' Segura is, you know, on the show, I just can't decide, you know, which knife I wanna you know, slit my throat with. You know?

  11. Stop Luke, Conor has lied before saying he would be an active champ and defend both belts but here we are 2 years later and he hasn't defended anything yet! So yeah I'm gonna call bs on him saying he wouldve fought Edgar on short notice.

  12. What if Connor was serious about taking Khabib in Russia… Think about it. He has unlimited resources and his management is among the best. What if Connor has been biting his time to fully prepare for Khabib? People forget how good he really is. With the right preparation he can dismantle the bear cuddler.

  13. Darkest hour and Dunkirk are both great films. Watch Dunkirk first and then darkest hour. In order of how it really happens. Can't wait till they do one on America following up darkest hour.

  14. Luke was really good nd that midget in black r saying connar is pound for pound no 1 is mindbogling to me i am not saying connar is bad fighter i think he is really good

  15. "Gijermo del Toro" you donk ? Aren't you even married to a latina woman ? Pfhaha, and he thinks he's so smart.

  16. well said Luke – "the way to deny a provocateur is to deprive him from oxygen" – MMA fans – let's us to do – do not mention on the comment – just move forward – for is not there.

  17. Luke Thomas has interesting analysis but now has become unlistenable. You can tell he passive aggressively lets out his weird anger and insecurity out during these discussions. I want to listen to him, but his attitude gets in the way. Just like Schaub.. they both have some interesting points, but its sooo freaking hard to listen to them because they are such condescending, passive aggressive douche bags. Someone needs to come out with a good MMA podcast please lol

  18. I agree with Luke about Killmonger. There was potential there but boy was he underused. I am surprised he is not upset that Last Jedi was not nominated for best film 😉

  19. I like Luke´s style of journalism. He is smart, entertaining with humor, sarcasm, irony, but at the same time with good reasoning. I like that he´s passionate

  20. I dont think Danny answers 1 question throughout the whole show, he just repeats the question and circles back, Middle man Dan

  21. The answer to why in-competition testing is useful is obvious — it's a deterrent, like all drug testing is. Even if the only fighters it catches are the "donks", it's still providing the function of preventing fighters from using out of fear of being caught.

  22. What about if Jon jones couldn't admit to knowing where it came from, bc it came from cocaine that was cut with creatine, and if he admitted to using cocaine he would violate his probation.

  23. black panther..mind you I'm part black, I'm like, don't wanna see it, controversial money grab, frankly im over most of african american culture for being so lost, violent, heartless, savage..but anyway, got high & watched it @ IMAX
    they covered ALL issues faced by Africans, all blacks, within an entertaining comic book action film
    slavery, jealousy, why africans hate african-americans, where afr-american men went wrong, covers everything
    this & the movie 'Get Out' are the blueprint to fix the depression, the disability of being black..but alas, with most african americans, there's something mentally wrong, they buy the burned bootleg dvd, & it plays in the background while they gossip or rant on their phones, the attention span is fvkd, so the message can't get thru, to create change, but I get it, & it sticks with me everyday. especially Get Out's "Sunken Place"..the paralyzing PTSD of generational family trauma & despair, wow the awareness of that is a game changer for me & anyone paying attention to suffering from PTSD. watching these movies stoned, the messages just pop out & really stick, really hit the heart & mind, this is where psychedelics are truly therapeutic when used properly.

  24. I really don't even get offended by the real "filthy animal" Colby any more.  He truly is a wanna be who is desperate to be relevant especially as he obviously ducks Usman.  But his desperate need for attention is worse than filthy rich paper champ Conor Mcnugget who needs to be stripped b/c he ducks the "real" fights and then sits on the sidelines to call out easier fights to stay relevant in the organization.  Supposedly he is worth so much and don't need the UFC but he picks on Max and Frankie on twitter to try to keep himself relevant b/c people are getting sick of him.  I completely disagree that he is the one being chased.  At least no by the fighters any more.

  25. MMAFighting, please turn the volume up on your recordings!I have my tablet volume on 100% and still having trouble hearing you guys without headphones!

  26. Jeff shouldn't talk about movies. He is too old. Gone With The Wind is trash. Also there is no such thing as a perfect movie so that isn't a legitimate criticism.

  27. The change I would make is… Structure within the rankings. Like everyother sport in the world. There should not be so many variables to be successful. Just win, like everyother sport. Then fight for a championship.

    An example… There should be structure on who fights for the title. The top 4 ranked people fight, winner of those 2 fight, winner fights champion. The losers go below top five, and start again.

    Its complete bs that a random rank #7 guy gets a title shot, or someone like Aldo is ranked #1. Make the rankings matter and add structure, fk match ups.

  28. midget is still mentioning conor avoiding frankie, after what ortega did to him, conor wouldve flatlined him

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