Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping FULL EPISODE #48 – Fat Fickle Females

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss Bisping’s ongoing car trouble in his fancy car, Machida vs Anders, Machida’s post-fight call-out to Bisping, the Superbowl and Justin Timberlake’s Half-Time performance, Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy, Mayweather’s future in the UFC, rumors of Edgar vs. Diaz, Valentine’s Day, Romero vs. Rockhold, the “International Turtle Club” and parenting, Hunt vs. Blades, Listener Questions and so much more!


  1. Luis FUCKING MOVE TO LOS ANGELES so we don't have to see these bullshit skypecasts. Love the show, but really, move to LA or do your podcast with Iaquinta so you are in the same fucking room

  2. Bisping needs a Home in the Country somewhere tell em Gomez I live in NYC when I want wilderness I drive 3 Hours to my home in the Catskill mountains Beautiful

  3. Swear too god u too make me laugh so much love listening everyweek , love from clitheroe!

  4. “I can count to 6 but it’s only because of that Offspring song.” Gotta be the funniest shit because I’m pretty much the same way. Also, “ducks, walking about!” Was a classic by Bisping.

  5. agree that halftime show was weak af

    especially when it starts out and the mirrors looked like pure shit

    without justin timberlake that show would of flopped

  6. So seriously Louis J Gomez, why are we back to audio only here ? You guys rock, it's out of love that i want to se it too 🙂 lol

  7. when brazilans fight in brazil, they will win ALL decisions, Anders knew that, you knew that eating those chips on your couch. lets not act surprised.

  8. Whoever does the technical for this podcast is awful, mike deserves so much better. They can't even get the video working on a weekly basis & there's always a screw up.

  9. Wow a 22yr old fucking a 14yr old is now mainstream entertainment…I'd slit that niggers throat and kick his fucking head into an open man hole…slime

  10. Please read my comment out Luis because I'm a fucking loser with no life and it would actually be the highlight of my week.

  11. Yo Bisping , dont let that loser ( so called '' co host '') talk about your wife like that or ride you about being late… Your the only reason anyone watches this show, he really should show you and especially your family a lot more respect. I love the show thou… Holla

  12. It does make sense for Mayweather because a loss won't tarnish his unbeatable boxing record. He can stay retired from boxing and still cash in. Plus the ref will protect him he won't get too hurt…Conor will returnthe favor and go easy…

  13. Biggest laugh iv ever had on any of these podcasts today with Luis's just call a spade a spade line. Literally cried with laughter… Fantastic show fellas.

  14. BREAKING NEWS: The guy WAS IN FACT a heroin addict and he didn't work for AAA, Bispings cars whereabouts is still unknown.

  15. The most watched tv event is that little thing called the World Cup, a sporting event that actually matters and 1 billion people watch

  16. I Was so sad seeing bisping get up from that hendo bomb I was a fan since then he never gave up and never needed drugs your a champ go life bisping

  17. left hook Larry love the pod cast boy's watch n listen to them on you tube in Ireland keep them coming boy's and Shannon sexy voice to go with her face and her name is Irish so tell her to mail me ?

  18. Bet DSI was the Best thing that ever happened to me Thanks to Bisping Louise Gomez & Shannon Great Podcast make this Twice a week Once is not enough!

  19. This is the most addictive podcast,a instant click for me

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